Apple just killed Flipboard

Like Alfred, Skitch, and many other applications before it, Apple has created it’s own answer to Flipboard, my preferred news app- and it’s fantastic. I installed the iOS 9 developer beta on my iPad Air 2 in order to get my hands on the split screen, multitasking features, but instead found that the best part of the update was an application simply titled, News.

It features an incredibly fluid interface and allows me to pull in all the same content I would from Flipboard. Check out this write up on

Apple earlier today pushed iOS 9 beta 3 to developers, and this build includes the company’s new News app. The app was unveiled back at WWDC last month, but was not included in the first two beta builds of iOS 9. News is designed with a Flipboard-like magazine interface with large images and minimalistic appearance.

When you first open the app, Apple shows a splash screen welcoming you to News and describes that the more you read, the more personalized your News app will become. Specifically for the beta version of News, Apple is including content from five publications by default. Those publications include The New York Times, CNN, ESPN, The Atlantic, and Slate. After viewing those pre-selected sources, you are then asked to pick at least three more sources that you wish to read. If you want to add an RSS feed not in the app, simply go to Safari, navigate to the site you wish to add, tap the share sheet icon, and choose “Add to News.”

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Looks like this fall, I’ll be saying goodbye to Flipboard.