#PROPAGANDA: Windows 10 doesn't force you to use it's default apps

Usually, I’m all for criticizing something for being a piece of shit. But this time, the internet has it wrong. For some reason, the entire world seems to think that Windows 10 automatically sets your default programs to it’s own applications, including your web browser from Firefox or Chrome to Microsoft’s own Edge.

Here’s a blatant lie from an arstechnica article:

“Windows 10 upgrade resets your default browser to Edge…”

…and take a look at this waste of space over on cnet:

“Here’s how to set your default browser in Windows 10…”

I’ve run Windows 10 since the beta and have installed four instances of it since the official release. Take my word for it when I tell you that this IS NOT AN ISSUE!

During the setup process, there is clearly an option to use Microsoft’s default settings or choose your own. It is not forcing anyone to do anything. Have a look:

This is no different from any other setup options in every other iteration of Windows. And if for some reason you go with Microsoft’s settings and later install another browser, Windows 10 AUTOMATICALLY prompts you to select the default program. Apparently, it’s just too hard for people to read what’s on the screen in front of them, so they take to writing posts instead.

Windows 10 has not been around nearly long enough for me to review it, nor should anyone. Does it have bugs and problems? Of course! Trust me- I have no problem taking a shot at Microsoft or anyone else when they screw up. But as far as this outcry about “default program discrimination” goes, it’s nothing but bullshit.