"What can I do to put you in this Samsung today?"

So this is either really good or really bad. If you're currently an iPhone user, Samsung is willing to give you a smartphone for 30 days to try out. For just $1, they'll send you a test drive kit including a phone of your choosing, sim card, and instructions to get started. After that, I'm assuming you either send it back or keep it depending on your experience.

There are two ways to look at this. One would be to act like a complete Apple fanboy and say "Samsung phone suck so bad they have to give them away to get people to use them!" Immature as it may sound, there's something to be said for this kind of a drastic move. It's not something you see Apple doing.

On the other hand, there's no denying that this is intriguing. Who among us wouldn't jump at the chance to try out a new gadget? Requiring folks to order a test drive kit from their iPhone is also a slick way to narrow down their target audience. They're after the iPhone users; no doubt about it.

Samsung's test drive website is stating that demo devices are already out of stock. Whether this is an indication of the program's popularity or low inventory level is yet to be seen. But this is definitely an interesting play from one of the major players in the fight for the place in your pocket.